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How to Become a Children's Fitness Instructor

Love fitness and love working with children? Whether you’re already qualified as a Personal Trainer looking to expand your business or just starting out, this children’s fitness instructor course online will supercharge your talents.

Our graduates coach motivational kid friendly sessions within schools, holidays camps, gyms, halls, leisure centre’s and boot camp settings.

On completion you can shape your fitness career in this exciting space just like this graduate.

Course Features

Our online kids fitness courses cover everything you need to become a children’s fitness instructor, gain insurance and be work ready.

Choose the full kids fitness course option if you are just starting out.

Alternatively, our USP in this course is upskilling Level 2 instructors and L3/4 PT’s with our cool fast-track option.

It is highly recommended that candidates are in possession of a satisfactory enhanced disclosure with the Criminal Record Bureau before commencing this course.  Organisations cannot let anyone have unsupervised access to children until they have a satisfactory CRB check.

Materials, assessment & certification

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Portfolio based with video practical

Qualify from just 4 weeks

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Course Fees

£325 £275 Fast-Track

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£495 £395 Full Course

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Why Choose Our Children's Fitness Instructor Course?

Our online children’s fitness course will equip you with the skills to run kids fitness sessions in an individual or group setting. You will be able to plan and deliver safe exercise for children with varying fitness abilities.

Inactivity and obesity amongst children is rapidly increasing and a major health issue in the UK with children’s fitness courses Scotland and children’s fitness courses Dublin particular concerns. 

Our graduates gain a solid foundation in kids fitness training from which they are able to build a successful Children’s Fitness Instructor career.

You will qualify in teaching kids fitness, delivering sessions tailored to developing physical activity combined with fun.

Graduates progress to run their own kids fitness boot camps, weekend multi-sport exercise classes, school holiday activity camps and assist schools with exercise for the less active. Here their expertise and encouragement can make a real difference. You’ll be able to support children with learning to adopt positive exercise habits through games and activities that develop fitness, enhances self esteem and self confidence.

Is this course for me?

Yes, you will be able to service an exciting and developing market.

Be sure to check out one of our graduates success here.

What makes us different? 

You have peace of mind that unlike some providers course materials, tutor support, assessments and certification are all included in your fee.

Great what’s next?

Book your course and you’re good to go.

Your Course Options

Already a PT or L2?

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I’m a newbie

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Choose full course

Love to teach kids fitness?  (This course is for you!)

Teaching kids fitness is all about keeping them engaged, busy and active. Exercise classes should be tailored to appeal to different abilities and fitness levels with the emphasis on teamwork, participation, burning off energy and heaps of fun.

Using your skills effectively with engaging sessions that help children get fit and commit to long term exercise.

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    Awards and Recognition

    We know a thing or two about how to become a children’s fitness instructor  

    Teaching kids fitness classes is a great way to motivate and inspire children to get active, become fitter and build positive exercise habits that last a lifetime. Having gained your children’s fitness instructor certification and insurance you are work ready.  You are able to teach and instruct your own classes, carefully designed to suit participant needs.

    Our Graduate Feedback

    childrens fitness course
    It’s the best feeling in the world, empowering children with the insight and ability to commit to regular exercise. This sets them up for the future, instilling great lifestyle habits that they can adopt through their early years, into their teens and on into early adult hood and beyond.
    Chantel Hayeem CMSAUK LtdGraduate

    Children's Fitness Course Options

    Full Course Fees

    Payment Method

    Pay in full


    £395.00 code save100


    Best priced full course option

    Payment Method

    Pay over 3 months


    £206.25 per month


    Total course fees £618.75

    Payment Method

    Pay over 6 months


    £103.13 per month


    Total course fees £618.78


    Fast Track Fees

    * If you have a L2/L3/L4 fitness qualification study our fast-track option

    ** You will need to provide a copy of this certification as part of your booking.

    Payment Method

    Pay in full


    £275.00 code save50


    Our lowest priced choice

    Payment Method

    Pay over 3 months


    £135.42 per month


    Total course fees £406.26

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    Kids Fitness Course Structure

    Our kids fitness course is a great option for Fitness Professionals.  If you’re already a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer qualify by completing just Modules 5 and 6 together with the course practical.




    Anatomy and physiology for exercise


    Acquire key knowledge of anatomy and physiology.




    How to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity


    Gain customer service skills to support groups taking part in exercise and physical activity.




    Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment


    Identify how to maintain health, safety and welfare in a fitness setting, including the safeguarding of children.




    Principles of exercise, fitness and health


    Understand how to programme safe and effective exercise.



    Fast Track

    fast track courses


    Planning health related exercise and physical activity for children


    Know how to prepare a range of different exercises for healthy kids.



    Fast Track

    fast track courses


    Instructing health related exercise and physical activity for children


    Learn how to instruct and inspire children with physical activity building positive experiences for long term exercise adherence.

    Let's Get Started

    How is this course delivered?

    Our kids fitness courses are delivered by online learning and a video based practical. It offers a gateway to specialising in fitness for children working with 5 to 15 year olds.

    You study your theory modules and then fill in a workbook which typically contain short answer questions and case studies. When complete this is submitted to your tutor for assessment.

    When you have finished the theory part you move onto the course practical. This gives you the opportunity to run your own mini class where you are instructing exercise and fitness to a child/children. You will record evidence of yourself instructing the session/classes.

    This course comes with full tutor support by phone or email. Sometimes its helpful to ask a question, check you’re on the right lines with an answer, or just have a quick chat and your friendly course tutor is there to lend a hand.

    There are no exams involved in gaining this certification. Once everything is complete, you will receive your official level 2 Certificate in Instructing Exercise and Physical Activity for Children.

    This features the Focus Awards and Ofqual logos indicating the high standard of your qualification.

    How to book

    It’s simple to book your course. You can pay by debit or credit card online.

    Choose from our very popular pay in full or monthly payment options.

    Once your booking has been received we will register you.

    You can then access your course materials and start.

    Kids Fitness Instructor Course - FAQ’s

    Question not covered? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Why choose our Kids Fitness Instructor course?

    This specialist qualification is perfectly suited to those interested in working with children instructing exercise and fitness.

    If you are just starting out you can complete the full course, or if you have already completed your Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer course you can gain your certification by completing Modules 5 and 6 together with the course practical video.

      • Qualify as a recognised Kids Fitness Instructor
      • Gain your Level 2 Instructing Exercise and Physical Activity for Children certification
      • Gain the regulated kids fitness qualification you need to start or advance your career

    As you progress the course materials will help you develop your knowledge and confidence which you’ll be able to demonstrate in the portfolio assessment video.

    Which kids fitness qualification will I achieve?

    On successful completion of this course you will receive the Focus Awards Certificate in Instructing Exercise and Physical Activity For Children, an Ofqual regulated qualification and recognised by CIMSPA.

    How is the Kids Fitness Instructor course assessed?

    You’ll compile your own portfolio of evidence to gain this kids fitness qualification. In addition, you will complete a portfolio based video where you will learn how to instruct health related exercise and physical activity for children. You can both study and complete your portfolio at a pace that’s right for you.

    What does the video practical involve?

    The practical involves instructing your own kids fitness class with a minimum of four participants in the five-fifteen years age range. You will demonstrate your skills by following our step by step criteria and film either a series of clips or the entire class. Most students use their smartphone for the filming.

    Popular venues used include halls, fitness studios, schools, local park or beach, or space permitting your own home or garden.

    Can I study the children's fitness course online from home?

    Yes – this online children’s fitness course is perfectly suited to home study with full flexibility for students to choose study times that work best for them. Once you have booked your course you will have access to our student portal. You simply complete your enrolment and watch the induction video. That’s it, you’re then ready to start your studies.

    Do I need any existing skills or sports abilities?

    No previous fitness or exercise qualification is required. However a keen interest in health and fitness is important when pursuing this career. It is likely that you will have a certain level of fitness, but our courses are about training you to become an accredited Kids Fitness Instructor and at no time will your fitness level determine your progress on any course.

    What previous education is required?

    No previous fitness or exercise qualification is required. However, an interest in working with children and enthusiasm for exercise is helpful when pursuing this career.

    How old do I need to be?

    The minimum age for this course is 16.

    How long does the course take to finish?

    Many of our students complete this course from 6 weeks. However, there is no set time limit enabling you to study at your own pace with the peace of mind that you have a maximum of one year to complete the full course and six months to complete the fast track course before you become qualified.

    How long is the kids fitness certification valid for?

    There is no expiry date meaning you will always have this nationally recognised fitness qualification to hand. This is also a great way of gaining additional continuing professional development (CPD), which can help with building your fitness knowledge and advancing your career.

    Can I teach kids fitness classes without a specialist qualification?

    At the Academy of Fitness Professionals we advise against this.

    The recognised standard is to gain a level 2 instructing exercise and physical activity for children certification, or equivalent. This qualifies you to run kids fitness classes for the five to fifteen years age range. You will also be able to obtain insurance, so you are covered to practice.

    Do I need insurance to offer personal training for children?

    If you are planning to widen your services by offering personal training for children it’s important to check your policy carefully and speak to your insurer about the cover you have in place. There may be certain exclusions regarding children or certain age ranges unless you hold a recognised children fitness qualification.

    When you gain your children’s fitness certification you can easily speak to your insurance company and upgrade your policy.

    Teaching Exercise Classes for Kids – Your Responsibilities

    Working as a kids fitness coach or kids personal trainer is highly rewarding and offers great potential to expand your business and client base. Many gyms are offering memberships with dedicated time slots in the gym as well as a range of exercise classes for children. This is aimed at encouraging them to try new things, be more active and commit to regular exercise activity. As this trend continues there’s a growing demand for qualified instructors to teach exercise classes for kids. If this is the career for you, here’s some of the responsibilities that go with the role.

    New member enrolment and sign off

    Ensure you have robust procedures in place for new starters joining your kids exercise classes.

    Think about

    • Joining form
    • PAR-Q and medical clearance, if required
    • Parental sign off for under 18 year olds
    • Exercise history, limitations, preferences and goals

    Running the children's fitness class

    Plan ahead with the focus on class safety, exercise techniques and lots of fun and enjoyment.

    Think about

    • Warm up, main activity and cool down
    • Adapting exercises to ensure safe technique
    • Adjusting goals
    • Recognising limitations and not pushing too hard

    Feedback and reflective practice

    Seek regular feedback from class members and parents which can be used for your marketing

    Think about

    • Your own notes on the class
    • Parental feedback form
    • Questionnaires
    • Asking a colleague to observe

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