Live Life in the Energy Fast Lane

Energy levels that yo-yo throughout the day. Too tired to exercise. Poor sleep-wake patterns. Dependent on ‘quick-fix’ snacks and caffeine boosts. Sound familiar? It’s time to get your energy levels buzzing and grab hold of some fast, natural fixes, sure to put a spring in your step and give you maximum oomph through the day.

Your 5 Point Vitality Plan

1 Exercise – little and often

Everyone’s got 10 minutes to spare, right? Find this just three times a day and you’ll be firing up your serotonin levels giving yourself a guaranteed natural boost.

Make it happen

Park your car ten minutes away from work. That’s ten minutes brisk walking on the way in and ten on the way home. What’s left? Just ten minutes to find at lunch or in the evening – job done!

2 Carry super snacks

Rice cakes and nut butter, nuts and a little dark chocolate, celery topped with cottage cheese, carrots and hummus – there are endless super snack combos that’ll crank up your energy and keep you feeling tip-top.

Make it happen

All it takes is a little planning. Think ahead and always carry a couple of snack options with you ready to enjoy. For extra daily zing, eat these before you hit an energy slump. So if you know you feel a bit hazy at 3 o’clock snack at half two. Herein lies the secret to keeping your energy levels nice and balanced.

3 Wise up to water

Roughly 80% of your body is made up of it. So if you’re feeling parched it’s no wonder that your body quickly puts on a strop. There’s lots of conflicting advice on how much is enough we suggest you take regular sips and let your body be the signal. If you notice you’re regularly feeling thirsty or lack concentration you probably need to up your intake.

Make it happen

Wake up to a glass, carry a water bottle and refill regularly drinking little and often. This is a far better route to maintaining hydration and balanced energy than the equivalent of famine or feast.

4 Settle into sweet slumber

Can’t get to sleep? Night time gadgets, late-night meals, household chores, work commitments and much more all play havoc with our sleep patterns. A restful sleep needs a little preplanning to give your body cues that it’s wind down time. Once you’ve cracked it consistency is the key. Your body will thank you for keeping to a steady routine.

Make it happen

Commit to gadget free time, have a warm bath, sip soothing chamomile tea and enjoy a chapter or two of a good book – you’ll be nodding off in no time.

5 Book an hour with an expert

If you thought Personal Trainers were simply there to help with exercise – think again. They study the human body, it’s make up, what we need to eat for great nutrition, movement patterns and much more.

Take us here at the Academy of Fitness Professionals for example. On our personal training courses we teach students how to conduct robust client lifestyle assessments. From this they can paint a picture of their client’s holistic health and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. This leads to a tailored well-being plan improving lifestyle function and energy patterns. We also support our graduates with building up local trusted networks so if you need to be referred to a specific type of specialist you’ll be in good hands.

Make it happen

If you’re stuck in a rut, or feel your motivation needs a helping hand booking a lifestyle assessment with a Personal Trainer is a great place to start and will be time and money well spent. After all true health is true wealth.


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