Looking to be a PT in 2024?

Great news! Our latest market research confirms 2024 is set to be an exciting year for Personal Trainers.
We’re thrilled to share a summary of our latest findings with you below.
It’s an enjoyable read and of course, if you’ve any questions our team at the Academy of Fitness Professionals are always on hand to help.

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Get Ready! – For a booming sector with increasing demand for qualified Personal Trainers in 2024 and beyond! The industry continues to experience massive growth expected to be up 50% in the next decade alone. There is, without question, a positive shift in the mindset of the general public’s awareness of the importance of health, fitness and exercise.


Get Set! – The career prospects look strong. In fact, now is perhaps the most promising time to enter the fitness industry as a Personal Fitness Trainer, because of how far and how fast it has developed. Not only working full-time is a viable option, but it’s also one of the most diverse fitness related occupations. For example, the nation is expected to need more help than ever losing weight and keeping fit across all ages and fitness levels. With 60 being the new 40, 2024 will see exceptional demand from the 60+ generation who are willing to pay a premium for expert advice that maintains their quality of life.You can choose to work for a gym, training its members as an employee, or become self-employed..



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Go! – Seize the opportunity in 2024! With growing media exposure, the relevance, importance and role of Personal Trainers is ripe for further progress. With ever advancing education and expertise the profession will become more central as a way of improving the nation’s health. This increased demand for the service augurs well – now’s the best time time to climb aboard!


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personal trainer courses middlesex