Level 3 PT in the Making

1 – Why did you decide to qualify as a Personal Trainer?

I’m currently working as a performer and I really like my job a lot.  I could not imagine working in something that I don’t like and fitness is my other passion hence one of the main reasons I decided to study a Personal Trainer course. I have always been into a healthy way of living and sport and the feeling you get after you’ve done a workout, being so happy and energised is simply great.  I believe everyone should experience that and I want to be that good influence to help others improve their fitness.  The other main reason that I decided I want to be Personal Trainer is to help people achieve their goals.  Exercise can change your life.  I know a lot of people exercising to improve their health status and this is a subject close to my heart.  I would love to make that important change to my future customers lives and be the person to help them stay motivated and on the right track.  Cliche or not nothing is impossible, you just have to make a decision and do it.

2 – What made you choose the Academy of Fitness Professionals?

A friend referred the Academy to me. I had a good look at the website and really fancied the idea of completing my Personal Trainer course online knowing lots of help was on hand.  For me this is the perfect study choice because I work part time.  I can study when I’m free and schedule my own time.

3 – What course are you studying?

The Personal Trainer Package course which leads to my level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and my Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.

4 – How was the course induction process?

Everything went fine.  Obviously as everything was new, I was a bit apprehensive to begin with.  I didn’t know what to expect and the induction welcome and chat with my tutor by phone explained everything really clearly.

5 – How’s your training going so far?

It’s going great. I like to do my own research, take my time and learn step by step until I understand it.  I want to start working as quickly as possible knowing I’ve really understood everything and am ready for the workplace.

6 – What’s your tutor like?

He’s been helpful and in touch whenever I need help.  When you study, there’s a lot of new information to learn.  To be honest sometimes you just need to press pause, have a chat and check how best to proceed.  My tutor has definitely been good in giving me that direction and feeding back on my work to ensure my portfolio is top notch.

7 – What are your future plans?

My future plan is to become a Personal Trainer.  I plan to continue with my current part-time work performing and also work with my personal training clients part time.

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