The primary reason Personal Trainers choose to study our Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition qualification is to increase their earnings potential. They are looking to offer a nutritional service and are interested in learning how exercise, health, well-being and nutrition impact the human body at varying life stages.

They achieve this by:

  • Offering a nutrition based service to existing fitness clients
  • Generating new clients seeking a weight loss solution
  • Attracting potential clients seeking dietary support and food programmes

Equipped with this knowledge they are able to go on and support their clients and charge appropriately for this speciality service.

Our Top 5 Ways to Maximise Earnings

1 – Offer a nutrition presentation to your existing clients or members

There’s no better way to get your message across than by positioning yourself as the expert. Many of our trainers have taken this tried and tested approach offering a presentation that typically lasts 1-2 hours covering a range of topics tailored to the audience’s needs.

2 – Offer a range of packages

One size doesn’t fit all so tailor your service into different packages to cater for your different clients.

Examples include:

  • Consultation and questionnaire review
  • Food diary design
  • A monthly nutritional and fitness package combining 1 fitness session and 1 nutritional hour each week

3 – Recommend a friend

Everyone knows someone who wants to lose weight, improve their nutrition or just become that bit healthier.

Ask yourself how can you tap into your clients’ friends?

Don’t forget to reward referrals when they become a client, for example with a gift voucher to their favourite shop or coffee bar.

4 – Promote, promote and promote

If you have your own studio, get a sign outside detailing the range of services you offer.

If you’re in a gym or leisure centre have some specific leaflets designed and hand them out to members direct and leave them in high footfall areas such as reception, the gym floor and the changing rooms.

Remember, you have never done enough promotion, there’s always something else you can try.

5 – Testimonials

Never under estimate the power of a client testimonial. Clients will buy into your service if they know, like and trust you. Positioning a well-intentioned client testimonial will undoubtedly add gravitas to your unique service.

Remember to include your testimonials in all your marketing materials.