Personal Trainer Courses – How to Find the Right One For You

Here at the Academy of Fitness Professionals we know exactly how it feels to be starting out on the journey to become a Personal Trainer.

We’ve all been where you are today, about to embark on a new career charged with excitement, anticipation and yes, just a bit daunted by the unknown!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer.

Your first step is to choose your Level 3 Personal Training course which can be either at the Certificate or Diploma level.

Both are great options and provide:-

1 – A nationally recognised qualification

2 – Full REPs accreditation

3 – All the theoretical and practical skills you need to practice

4 – Business skills training and support

How to decide between the Certificate or Diploma level?

Both courses are provided by blended learning, which means you’ll be able to study the theory you need to know to be a great personal trainer in the comfort of your home at a pace that’s right for you.

You’ll have a tutor supporting all of this study, so you can catch up whenever you need to.

All of the practical skills are then taught on your course workshop in small groups of no more than 6 at a time.

During these workshops you’ll learn how to put the theory into practice and by the end you’ll be running your very own Personal Training session!

To choose the course that’s right for you, we ask our students to think about the following 3 questions.

Your answers will lead you to the right course for you.

1 – What type of personal trainer do you want to be?

2 – How long can you commit to your study?

3 – What’s your budget?

Certificate in Personal Training

Perfectly suited to those looking to work initially in a gym or on their own with clients seeking general help with improving their fitness, weight loss, toning and sculpting.

The Certificate is made up of 7 comprehensive modules covering everything from anatomy and physiology, how to support clients, nutrition, program design and much more. Once you’re modules are complete you’ll attend your practical workshop which puts the theory into practice teaching you everything you need to know to work one to one.

If you’re limited on time and/or seeking a lower level of investment, this course provides everything you need at great value.

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Diploma in Personal Training

If you’d like to acquire a more specialist insight into Personal Training and a more advanced Level 3 qualification, the diploma fits the bill.

Students who choose this route are keen to offer a wider range of personal training services to their clients. For example, training for specialist sports events, working with obese clients and the senior market and training clients with health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes or post-surgery.

Made up of 9 modules you’ll learn how to design and evaluate programs, motivation techniques for specialist clients, goal setting techniques, the principles of human anatomy, physiology and nutrition and much more.

Once you’re modules are complete you’ll attend your practical workshop which puts the theory into practice teaching you everything you need to know to work one to one.

If you’re keen to work with a wider range of clients and prepared to invest a little more time and budget, this course is perfectly suited.

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Once qualified the most common routes into the profession are to work for a gym or for yourself. Other avenues include working in corporate fitness, on cruises, resorts, spas and even with royal families!

From here there are many opportunities to go on and build a successful and profitable business by growing your client base, consulting, writing fitness related articles, employing other trainers and even opening your own gym.

Whichever course you choose you can be confident you’ll receive our comprehensive support and expertise to achieve success.


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