Personal Trainer Courses in London

Our Personal Trainer courses in London deliver fully industry accredited, nationally recognised personal trainer qualifications through an established awarding body with over 150 years of educational expertise.

This means you can be confident in your fitness course selection and the qualification you will achieve knowing that it is fully respected by the fitness industry and recongised throughout London and the UK by future employers.


Whether you are a beginnner seeking to become an accomplished Personal Trainer or are ready to advanced your level 2 fitness qualification, or sports science related degree we can help.

Ready to Become a Personal Trainer?

Our range of REPs and CIMSPA accredited level 3 Personal Trainer Courses act as a foundation for your personal training career and will have a positive impact on your earnings potential. Choose from the Certificate in Personal Training or the NVQ Diploma in Personal Training and take the first step towards your new career.

Personal Trainer Courses London - Learning Experience

We believe in keeping things simple when it comes to your course structure and study format. You will complete your course theory by studying easy to follow step by step modules and then complete practical workshops specially designed to put all the theory into practice by developing your Personal Trainer skills in the gym.

From the moment you enquire with us all the way through to receiving your certification our expert team will look after your needs and are on hand to assist.

You will work closely with your course tutor who will welcome you personally to the Academy of Fitness Professionals during your induciton call and make sure you have everything you need to get started. Your course tutor has years of industry experience ready to share with you and is always on hand to offer support. What’s more they will oversee you entire learning experience all the way through to your course completion and final certification.

From experience we know that this delivers the best results for your learning experience and equips you with the right skills, knowledge and capabilities so that you are ready to start working as a Personal Trainer post qualification.

Level 3 Personal Trainer Courses

Personal Trainers can transform people’s lives on many levels and are in growing demand. Typical earnings for a freelance Personal Trainer based in London range from £50 per hour rising to £75 per hour.

Most of our graduates at the Personal Trainer Certificate level choose to work as a Personal Trainer in a gym or operate as a self-employed trainer running their own business. Our Personal Training Diploma graduates have learnt advanced personal training assessment skills and techniques enabling them to work with specialist client groups and charge a premium for this additional expertise.

Whichever route you choose, once you’ve qualified with us, you’ll be ready to work with clients as a level 3 REPs recognised Personal Trainer. With your qualifications and insurance in hand you’ll be teaching, coaching and motivating a diverse mix of clients seeking to improve the way they look, exercise and function.


Personal Trainer Certificate Package

All the Fitness Qualifications you need to Become a Personal trainer

If you’re starting out in your Personal Trainer career and don’t currently hold any fitness related qualifications then we’ve made it simple with our exclusive course package.

You’ll gain your level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and your level 3 Certificate in Personal Training, everything you need to kick-start your exciting new fitness career.

Personal Trainer Courses in London - Course Options

Personal Trainer Courses

Personal Trainer Certificate

Our level 3 Personal Trainer Course Certificate is the ideal start point for your Personal Trainer career ensuring you’re ready for the workplace.

Personal Training Diploma

Personal Training Diploma

Take the advanced route with our level 3 Personal Training Diploma and develop specialist Personal Training skills from the outset.

Personal Trainer Certificate Package

Personal Trainer Certificate Package

Our combined package leads to your level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and level 3 Certificate in Personal Training at a great price.

Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Advanced Package

Our combined diploma package leads to your level 2 Diploma in Instructing Exercise and level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

Other Fitness Courses

Level 2 Fitness Instructor Courses

Here at the Academy we provide a range of Level 2 Fitness Instructor courses designed to nurture and develop your talent, providing the perfect start point to your fitness career.Choose from the Certificate or Diploma course which will equip you with the skills to plan, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise programmes for gym members. Carefully designed to incorporate the very latest in exercise techniques you will gain a solid foundation in fitness and become qualified as a REPs recognised Level 2 Fitness Instructor, ready to start your rewarding new career.

Level 1 Entry Fitness Courses

If you have a general interest in sports, exercise, health or well being and have aspirations to become a Fitness Instructor or become a Personal Trainer, then our Exercise Studies qualification gives you the ideal start point to your fitness career. Typically our graduates will progress onto level 2 Fitness Instructor courses, Fitness Instructor training or a Personal Trainer apprenticeship.

Alternatively, if you have an interest in nutrition and are seeking an entry level qualification to kick-start your fitness industry education our Nutrition and Health Course will equip you with the knowledge and insight to develop your future career. A typical study path following this course is to progress to a level 2 nutrition qualification with aspirations to become a Nutritionist or a Personal Trainer.

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PT Courses - London Course Dates

Our Personal Trainer courses run all year round with a range of start dates, study options and payment methods to suit you. This means we can offer maximum flexibility to meet your needs including fast-track, part-time and study at your own pace choices. To find the best start date for your Personal Trainer course based in London please contact our Customer Service team on 0845 270 1990 or simply contact us and we will call you back.