Personal Trainer Salary Expectations

With focus and determination, an exciting, rewarding and lucrative career as a Personal Trainer awaits.

Factors that influence your personal trainer salary


Personal Trainer Salary


Where earnings potential is concerned, your Personal Trainer salary will vary depending on your Personal Trainer qualifications, location, specialist skills, level of experience and the number of hours you choose to work.

How much can I expect to earn?

According to, savvy Personal Trainers with the right combination of qualifications and business skills can earn upwards of £50k per year. To achieve this level of pay it’s important to include weight loss and nutrition within your services, which are highly sought after by those seeking the one to one bespoke service a Personal Trainer has to offer.

Classes are also a key aspect of your service and the most successful Personal Trainers typically run boot camps that cater for varying fitness levels.  In this modern era of technology it’s also important to think about the role online personal trainers have to offer.  Here, additional income is typically achieved via online weight loss plans and fitness classes providing a great way to extend your client reach beyond your immediate locality.

What qualifications do I need?

When it comes to choosing your personal trainer qualifications it’s vital that you choose a reputable provider, like us.

It’s also useful to look for additional endorsement, a sign that the courses are robust and that all of the training provided is independently checked and verified.  This gives great quality assurance and peace of mind that your training provider has nothing to hide.

Be careful to find out about the award or certification you will ultimately obtain and spend some time seeking expert advice to ensure this marries up with the type of Personal Trainer you ultimately want to be and the type of clients you aspire to work with.  It’s easy to assume that the more qualifications you have, the more reputable you will be but this doesn’t necessarily ring true.

It’s about choosing the right qualification and developing your talent and expertise ready for you to work with clients.  So be sure to choose a credible course provider who will give you access to unlimited Personal Trainer support throughout your study.

By taking these steps from the outset in choosing your Personal Trainer school you can be confident that you will gain a credible qualification that showcases your knowledge, skills and professionalism.  This will be sure to stand out on your CV and will positively impact on your ability to acquire and retain quality clientele in the future.

Does experience play a part?

As with many roles experience plays a part when determining salary levels. The more experience you accumulate as a Personal Trainer, the more knowledge you will have acquired and hence the more you can charge for your services. This is especially true if you have taken the time to specialise, for example, with a Diploma in Personal Training or a Nutrition qualification.  It’s also important to keep up to date with emerging fitness concepts and trends.  Simply put, the more experience you acquire, the more your expertise will stand out in your local area and the more you  should expect to earn.

Does my location affect my level of pay?

The location that you will be working from plays a part in determining your pay scale. In major cities like London and the Home Counties for example, Personal Trainers are sought after to assist with hectic lifestyles enabling individuals to commit to regular training that delivers results.

However, the role of the Personal Trainer is well established in the UK today and most of the major gym chains across the country will require highly educated Personal Trainers with the relevant accredited fitness industry education to assist in the successful running of their fitness centres.

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