Personal Training – A Career for All Ages

One of the questions our team are asked on a regular basis by future new students is if they fall into the right age bracket to train to be a personal trainer. There’s a perception that being too young could hold you back and conversely that being just a bit older could be problematical too!

Here’s the low down on why becoming a personal trainer in the UK offers an exciting and rewarding career for all age ranges and why age simply isn’t a barrier.


1 – People Choose their Personal Trainer Based on Expertise


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It’s the skills and qualifications you bring to the party that ultimately matter. Our Level 3 Personal Trainer courses are all endorsed by Skills Active and REPs which means students can be confident they’re acquiring expert skills they’ll use to the max later on when they start their very own PT business.


2 – The ‘Senior’ Market is Booming


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More and more individuals aged sixty plus are seeking the support of a personal trainer to help them stay active and lead a healthy, independent lifestyle for many years to come.

In fact, many of our students who have gone on to establish their own personal trainer career tell us first hand about their older clientele being fitter than many of the younger ones!


3 – Younger Generation Obesity


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Sadly a growing percentage of our teenage and young adult populations here in the UK are considered obsese. Add to that increasingly sedentary lifestyles and a ticking time bomb presents itself for later life. Personal Trainers who can relate to the issues these young people face are in demand. Whilst a younger PT may well be able to relate from a similar ager perspective, an older PT can step in as a mentor and someone to look up to.

The Academy of Fitness Professionals provide Level 3 personal trainer courses. Students can choose between the Certificate and Diploma qualifications. They work together with a personal tutor on the course modular content before joining us for practical workshops which complete their Personal Trainer course in London, Hertfordshire or Middlesex.


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