Personal Training Business Marketing

How to market your personal training business

Picture this. You’re a qualified Personal Trainer with great ambitions for your future career. You’ve got your first few clients and are making a real difference to their fitness levels as they nudge closer towards achieving their goals. So far, so good. But when it comes to establishing a steady stream of clients, actively marketing your personal training business can make a real difference.

Being savvy with personal trainer marketing will help you retain clients and attract new ones and this forms the backbone of any successful fitness business. Discover how to make personal training marketing strategies work for you and your pt business with our nifty tried and tested strategies.

Get a Website

This is top of the list for a reason. Your potential personal training clients will research your fitness business online. They will browse your website and use this as a platform to decide if they want to enquire about how your personal training services can help them.

Try to see your website as your shop window. If you’re on the high street and you pass a cluttered shop window that lacks any clear messaging chances are you’ll walk on by. Compare this to a shop that has one or two clear messages that literally jump out at you as you’re walking along and the chances of you entering the shop and making a purchase are significantly higher.

Make sure your website looks the part, reflects your brand and encourages potential clients to explore your range of PT services and packages.

Create a Fanfare

We’re not talking loud noisy brass instruments here, but turning your customers into raving fans that are ambassadors for your pt business. Every client is key to your business success. Not only in how you assist them with their fitness goals but in terms of the wider audience of potential new clients you’ll reach through them.

Invite clients to join your social networks, reward customer loyalty and regularly check in and seek feedback. The overriding rule here is to deliver an excellent personal training service that meets different client needs with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Brand your Car

Whether you’re a mobile Personal Trainer or work from a gym the time your car is on the road is valuable marketing time! Make your car work for you by investing in eye catching vehicle branding that promotes your personal training business on the go. Less is more here so think about a few key messages that stand out and methods of contact rather than filling up every bit of available space.

Expert Talks and Seminars

You’ve put many hours and heaps of effort into qualifying as a personal trainer so don’t hold back on talking about it. Showcasing yourself as a subject matter expert is a great way to target an audience and market your services.

Here’s a few seminar ideas to help get you started.

  • Great workouts for weight loss
  • How to transform your body
  • How to maximise your time in the gym

Customised Fitness Clothing

Your company name and logo are key aspects of your PT business brand and investing in customised clothing gives a really professional edge. What’s more when you’re in the gym you’ll be advertising your personal training services to all the other gym users who are your potential new clients of the future.

Offer Specialist Services

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can market your personal training business to stand out from the crowd is to do something a little bit different. Offering specialist services showcases your expertise and widens your customer reach and appeal in you locality. For example, personal trainers qualified to work with adults could expand into kids fitness training and work with the five to fifteen year old age group. You could also offer related services such as fitness assessments, group based boot camps, metabolic typing and postural correction.

Partners with Value

Have you heard of piggy back marketing? This is a great, low cost way of growing your personal training business by working with another company in a related business field. Essentially you promote each other’s businesses because you offer complementary products or services rather than ones which compete with each other.

For example, you may have personal training clients who would benefit from the services of a dietician or physiotherapist. Similarly, the dietician and physiotherapist may have clients who would benefit from the services of a personal trainer. By adopting this win win strategy of working together to promote each other’s businesses you are able to offer valuable third party services and develop partnerships that add value to your business.

Personal Training Business Marketing Strategies

If you take one thing away……

Every personal training business is different and it is this difference that can give you a real edge. Invest valuable time thinking about what you and your business has to offer clients and the unique selling points that make your approach to personal training just that bit more special compared to others.

Carefully apply this to everything you do to market your personal training business and you are well on your way to deploying successful strategies and techniques that will give you a real edge.

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