Humble Autumn Superfoods

There’s nothing better than eating with the seasons – fresh produce that travels less air-miles and saves a few pounds in our pockets too!

Here in true top 10 style our nutrition expert Anita Lemon counts down her favourite pick of this autumns crops from 10 to 1.

They’re not the most attractive but with a little creative flair and a dash of spice &/or a topping or two they taste fab and do our bodies a whole dose of good.

When was the last time you devoured some of these fab autumnal goodies?

#10 – Apples

Making the 10th spot apples are in abundance at this time of year. Packed with pectin a type of fibre and jammed with powerful antioxidants maintain blood sugar levels by combining with a snack such as a few nuts. One of my favourites it to juice apples with fresh ginger – a great natural circulation boost.

 #10 apples

 #9 – Pears

Full of fibre, vitamin B2, C and E as well as copper and potassium, there’s a lot to love about pears.

Perfect as they are, stewed with a little spice or for a treat simply poached in red wine and served warm.


#9 pears

#8 – Parsnips

 #8 parsnips

 These heart friendly veggies are awash with potassium and folate. Slightly sweet in taste, they’re cheap to buy and quick to cook.

Ok – so confession time, I’m not a fan of these on their own. Time to get blending – combined with squash at #5 they win my flavour.

#7 – Tangerines

#7 tangerines

These little gems bring back happy childhood memories and to this day I still trip up and call them Christmas oranges!

As a citrus fruit you’d expect them to be high in vitamin C, but they’re also awash with cancer preventing flavonoid anti-oxidents and a good dose of fibre.

#6 – Pumpkin

#2 pumpkin

If you’ve carved a pumpkin this Halloween don’t discard the precious filling.

Low in calories, yet filling it’s rich in fibre and high in vitamins A, C and E.   As for the seeds dried and toasted they provide a snack on the go or great topping for soups and pastas that’s awash with magnesium, copper, protein and zinc along with plant based omegas.

#5 – Squash

#5 squash

The most common variety of the squash family is butternut. A rich source of fibre and phyto-nutrients squash is known for its cholesterol lowering potential. Packed with vitamin A and B vitamins this versatile long-lasting gem works well with most autumn menus and acts as a great base for a non-meat alternative dish.

#4 – Almonds

#4 almonds

Ok – so technically not autumnal but our favourite topping for many soups and purees using the featured produce. Packed with vitamin E, phosphorous, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and many more almonds support the whole body from brain health to immunity, bone health to the skin and healthy cholesterol, blood pressure levels and beyond.

Go on give them a go and add some va va voom to your meals this autumn. 

#3 – Cauliflower

#3 cauliflower

This often overlooked cruciferous veg is full of health benefits. High in vitamins C, K, folate and B6 it’s a great source of natural fibre, plant based omegas and the list goes on…

Perfect in soups, lightly steamed or mixed with traditional mash for a lighter option, it’s time to add this back onto the autumn shopping list.

#2 – Beetroot

#6 beetroot

Claimed to improve stamina, increase blood flow and lower blood pressure, this heart friendly vegetable providing a powerful source of folate can be juiced, pureed, turned into a dip, grated raw into salads or eaten in its cooked form.

Such is the power of beetroot there’s a whole website devoted to it – check out

#1 – Brussel Sprouts

#1 brussel sprouts

Our pick of the autumn crops full of numerous valuable nutrients including vitamin K, C, B6, fibre, potassium, omega 3’s and iron. Overall the humble sprout gives a power-house of cancer prevention compounds.

For maximum punch steam to tender, but don’t overcook.

Fancy being different? Puree to a thick mash consistency with a dash of horseradish and season to

taste. Sprinkle generously with flaked almonds and serve as a great accompaniment.


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