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We pride ourselves on delivering a fitness education that makes a difference. Whether it’s starting a career in fitness or advancing to the next level our graduates benefit from an experience that puts them on the pathway to success. What matters to us is real graduate feedback which we use to improve our service.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to study with AOFP check out some of our past and present student case studies and reviews.

“I recently completed the Exercise To Music course and want to thank Peter for all of the help and support provided during the course. Peter was always prompt to get back to me when I e-mailed or called with questions, and provided detailed explanations and feedback throughout. He was patient, professional and kind throughout the process and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to other people.”


“I did my level 2 and level 3 with the Academy of Fitness Professionals and am super happy with the results I got. From the start they have been there for me, called me to let me know my options of courses, how much it would be and the process of how the course works. My tutor was always there for me if and when I needed help, via email or phone call. Although it is an online course there is still practical work that you do in your own time which really help you understand and put into practice the theory work you have done for each topic. The assessment weekends are great! Learn lots and meet people in the same situation as you helping each other out. After hearing feedback from other PTs and how they did their course, the Academy of Fitness Professionals have great detail in every topic and really ensure you understand every aspect of each topic before you move on. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to do their course/s quickly or even alongside a job.”


“I had a great experience after undertaking my L2 Children’s exercise qualification with the Academy. Great instructional content and learnings plus very supportive tutors. Peter was brilliant with his feedback and assistance. A very professional, well equipped training programme.
Grateful that I found such a brilliant training academy.”


“I completed my ETM with the AOFP and am now teaching my own classes. Would really recommend this training provider – great support and quick responses and assessments.”


“I chose AOFP for the Exercise to Music course and was very pleased with the course, delivery and support I received. The course was structured very well and gave me extensive knowledge in the field. The service was great and the tutors were very professional and cooperative. The learning materials provided were of the highest standard. Really recommend!”


“Just completed my Exercise to Music qualification. Peter was really helpful throughout, always patient with my essay length emails, and marking was usually back within 24 hours. I should have discussed my adhd with him from the beginning and set up deadlines for each module, but that’s on me and not on AOFP!”


“Excellent training. I’ve just completed level 2 exercise to music course. The whole process was supportive and enjoyable. Peter is very professional and encouraging. I would highly recommend the Academy to anyone interested in fitness training. Will definitely do further training with them. Thank you.”

A C7

“The exercise to music level 2 online course was very thorough and a really good detailed course which I believe will make me a safe and knowledgeable instructor. The support I received was very good and he was really responsive to all my queries via email. The modules were each assessed quickly and with very useful feedback, and my final certificate arrived within a couple of days, which was much appreciated. I have rated this 4 star instead of 5, as I did find the course was all reading and self-directed learning and writing assessments (apart from the final video assessment), and because there is a lot to cover for ETM instructor qualification this meant an awful lot of reading and further reading to do, which took me a long time and at times I found I lost motivation, meaning it took me about 10 months to complete around work. It would be improved if there were some interactive e-learning content such as video and quizzes to help embed the learning as you go. But, it is a very good detailed course, well organised via the website, and well assessed, and if you’re a good visual learner you will find that you can complete it much quicker than me!”


“I did the L2 Exercise to Music (Fast Track) as I was already holding a L3 in Personal Training.
I was really happy about how teachers support me and help me during my studies.
I was a online self studying, so I was organizing my self totally independently.
I strongly recommended for those who have a busy life who need a flexible course, as they will not struggle with organisation.”


“I have completed the level 2 exercise to music course and recently the level 3 personal trainer course with the academy of fitness professionals. Both courses gave me lots of knowledge on the subject and the booklets were easy to follow. My tutor was on hand for any questions I had and provided helpful feedback. I did the online route which was great as I could complete it around my work and from home. The practical section had to be completed via video which is a great alternative to in person, however if I were to do another course I think I would choose the in-person route as I found I had a few technical problems (on my side), but a great course overall and I would recommend!”


“I have recently completed the ETM course. I found it very well structured, lots of material supplied. Mainly wanted to thank you the tutor, great support and always prompt replies to emails.”


“The Academy of Fitness Professionals were faultless when I noticed early on that I had chosen the wrong course for me. Customer service was brilliant. Many thanks.”


“This course was insightful and I was able to clearly follow and understand the modules to develop my skills. My tutor was always very helpful and responsive when I needed additional support. Looking forward to delivering exercise to music sessions and would recommend the course to others!”


“I completed the Level 2 Exercise to Music course through AOFP and I am extremely grateful for the professional and understanding service I received. The tutor is clearly very knowledgeable and has been extremely efficient in marking and turning around modules. AOFP has provided a fantastic all round service. Thank you!”


“I have just completed my Level 2 Exercise to Music Fitness qualification and I really enjoyed my experience with Academy of Fitness Professionals, the course content was well laid out and my tutor was on hand whenever I needed guidance or advise. Would highly recommend.”


“The Academy of Fitness Professionals course was fantastic. I have learnt so much. It was very informative. My tutor, was a great help throughout the process. I would highly recommend. Thank you for a great experience.”


“Thorough course. Good materials with in depth assessment.”


“Great course content and excellent support from the course tutors. I would highly recommend using the Academy Of Fitness Professionals for any fitness related qualifications.”


“I highly recommend the Academy of Fitness Professionals. The team is very knowledgeable and supportive, share useful tips and teach you best practice. It will make you stand out from the crowd. A great way to attain your certificates, if you need to schedule your courses around work. Also great value for money.”


“Absolutely amazing service from start to finish. Always on hand to help and support their pupils. I would definitely recommend. I’m looking to do my next qualification with them too.”


“The Academy of Fitness Professionals have educated and coached me from scratch taking me through my level 2 Fitness Instructor and then onto my level 3 Personal Trainer. After I had completed the level 2 course I came to realise how good and knowledgeable these guys are and so pursued my level 3. I passed with flying colours and have set up my own Personal Training business from the knowledge I gained not only from the level 3 but also from the business skills training that is available.”


“Incredibly useful PT practical workshop, I will be taking away so much knowledge that I can’t wait to put into practice. I learnt so much about fitness assessing and how this can be applied to the clients I work with. Thank you very much!”


“Today we had a level 3 Personal Trainer course assessment day. It was the right blend of education, confirmation and learning new techniques combined with the ability to ask questions in a safe and supportive environment. Within the time allocated we were able to test and try approaches, and work collaboratively with other students and our tutor. It definitely is time well invested as you get closer to the assessment.”


“From the moment I made the first enquiry to Academy of Fitness Professionals I knew it was the right decision. I was put at ease and knew I could contact my tutor anytime. I met up with my tutor at the beginning of the course which was great as his knowledge of fitness was infectious. The modules and coursework were clear and extremely informative. I was able to do my coursework in my own time and my tutor was always there if I needed guidance or explanations. I can not recommend the Kids course enough to anyone following their dream. I have learnt so much and feel empowered to teach my new talents to the children. I am now confident to work on precision exercises as well as relaying all the important anatomy information over to the children.”


“Really enjoyed the workshop and assessment which built on the knowledge I gained during the written course theory. Highly inspirational with excellent support and advice from the course tutor. I have made numerous notes which I will take away and build on with my own PT knowledge and experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course.”


“Face time with my tutor, being able to ask questions to help me along with the workbook has been great.”


“The best bit of the workshop for me was using our own weaknesses to explore new learning and ideas.”


“Hey team AOFP, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my course and practical assessment. I was so impressed with everything and Peter totally blew me away with how he identified corrective exercise needs and postural deviations. Your company has obviously worked very hard to set the standards you do. Would love to join future workshops.”


“I am currently in the process of finishing my Level 2 Fitness Instructor course and have to say the support has been brilliant. So much so that I often praise the learning content to different people I meet in the gym.  I can’t wait to start the next step towards creating my own personal training business by completing my Level 3 Personal Trainer course. The Academy of Fitness Professionals have given me the base on which to further my learning about the human body and develop my skills to reach my fullest potential. I have been impressed with the detailed learning content, tutor support and am extremely pleased with my choice.”


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