6 Secrets of Successful Personal Trainers

Have you ever wondered what sets an amazing personal trainer apart from the crowd?  Well, we’ve got it covered in this feature that looks closely at the skills and techniques that set the most successful personal trainers apart enabling them to go on and build successful businesses.

1 –Brand and reputation

Simply put you provide a specialist service to your clients so that they can get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle.  The product isn’t the treadmill, the free weights or the programme – it’s you.

Initially it can sound a strange concept to our students when we talk about you as the product.  For this reason we get to the nitty gritty of this early on in your level 3 personal trainer course sharing numerous techniques practiced day in and day out by top performing personal trainers.

2 – Be Different

Clients stick with a great personal trainer because they feel a sense of connection and trust in their expertise.  They can resonate how this will help them achieve their goals and have plenty of fun along the way.

Top PT’s know that what appeals to each client differs widely.  Some may need to feel comfortable, relaxed and gently encouraged, others want to be pushed and challenged.  How to get to know clients as individuals, strike up a relationship and build a true connection instilling trust, motivation and rapport are all carefully considered aspects of their service.

The personal trainers we work with use these skills day in and day out, they become experts in the art of client difference.

 3 – Keep on learning

With your personal trainer qualification covered it may seem that’s your fitness industry education sorted.  Far from it!  Savvy personal trainers know that this is just the start.  They continue to research and learn new subject matter forming networks with related experts such as physiotherapists and osteopaths.  Demonstrating your technical skills together with your links within a wider network of related experts is a sure fire route to success.

4 – Customer Service is King

Personal training is well known in the UK and most towns will have both gyms and freelance trainers for prospective clients to choose from.  The most successful personal trainers know that delivering consistently outstanding customer service is vital to their success.   After all happy clients stick around for the long haul and spread the word.

By tapping into what makes their client tick the best personal trainers know they’re always delivering an exceptional personal training experience. This is so important that we place huge emphasis on teaching our students on their personal training course the need to know skills to consistently go the extra mile.

5 – The WOW Factor

Completing the same programme week after week will soon become a bit dull for even the most motivated of clients.  Great personal trainers stay one step ahead and are always adding in little touches that make the session feel constant enough to fit client capabilities but different enough to keep the session feeling fresh.

Small things count a lot here.  For example, if your client has mastered the lunge spend a few minutes introducing them to the walking lunge.  Even if this is just a taster at this stage for what you plan to build in later on, it adds a dynamic element to the session and showcases your expertise in helping them reach their goals.

 6 – The Magic of a Mentor

Becoming a top Personal Trainer takes time and effort.  It begins with those first few clients and gradually accelerates from there.  Slowly but steadily your reputation will grow, clients will refer you to others and the diary will become more and more booked up.  This is great news and the perfect time to think about next steps to grow your personal trainer business.  Perhaps by working with another trainer in your locality, setting up your own studio or gym or creating your very own franchise.

These are exciting times in your fitness career but don’t be tempted to go it alone.  Great Personal Trainers know their strengths and understand their weaknesses teaming up with a mentor who offers the perfect complement to their skills and a regular dose of challenge to help their business grow.


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