7 Habits of Highly Effective Personal Trainers

Are you familiar with Stephen R. Covey’s book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?

It’s sold more than 25 million copies globally and tackles the fundamentals of fairness, integrity, honesty and much much more.

The best Personal Trainers work from a foundation of these strong principles.

Read on to discover the 7 Habits Highly Effective Personal Trainers follow.

1 – They are natural motivators

They draw upon a multitude of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that help their clients every step of the way. They recognise when things are getting tough and adapt, adjust and talk to their client.

2 – They like working with people

Great trainers are popular, busy and get booked up. They are at their best when engaged with others and on their feet.

The most successful personal trainers often find their diary is booked up back to back. Great for those who naturally love working with people and being around others. If you like the idea of what I call ‘zoning out time’ along the way and some great trainers do, consider booking out a few hours in the afternoon or a designated morning or evening for non-client facing activities.

3 – They set goals

Everyone loves progress and the best trainers will continually agree goals with their clients, monitor and feedback on progress and re-evaluate as necessary. Many ‘A’ type personalities are driven by a target or goal and it’s the trainer’s job to tap into this and continually re-set the goalposts to help their client attain optimum results.

4 – They simply love fitness

Whether your introduction to sport and fitness dates back to your childhood years or a little later in life the fact is you enjoy it, train regularly and don’t quite tick or operate the same if you don’t. This is a profession where your natural love of sport and fitness needs to shine through and your passion for it will act as a magnet to attract clients.

5 – They are naturally curious

Remember when you were learning to drive and thought about everything really carefully? Your route, the car, and your surroundings? Suddenly you’re driving somewhere and have no idea how you got there…the car seems to function automatically…perhaps you’re less engaged?

This is a real point of difference.

Great trainers are always assessing their clients shape, posture, fitness and much more. They notice the shift in posture, the misaligned pelvis, the hunched shoulders, side dominance, muscles that aren’t firing etc. They are always the equivalent of the new driver, fascinated by the human body and its capabilities and noticing the little details that will support client training in a safe and effective way.

6 – They think on their feet

Bad day at the office? Late to the session? Feeling under the weather? Family troubles? A busy social calendar? Whatever the reason sometimes the plan prepared for your clients session goes out the window. Great personal trainers will quickly adapt and are able to deliver a great session that fits the bill perfectly.

7 – They are always learning

The world of sport, leisure and fitness is evolving. The best trainer’s keep abreast of these developments and continually seek out new concepts.

If you’re seeking to become a Personal Trainer do these 7 habits resonate with you?

If so you’re half way there and exactly the type of trainer we love to help get qualified here at the Academy of Fitness Professionals.

To your future success!

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