Rise of the Personal Trainer

Remember a time when we humans had the right balance between work, rest and play? Remember a time when as a nation we ate foods that sustained and maintained a healthy weight? So what happened? When did we become a nation fighting obesity as the national issue that’s predicted to overtake smoking in its severity of health risk?

When did healthy living get so complicated? It didn’t…but unhealthy living got easier and easier. Our towns are awash with fast food outlets and drive ins. Our shops are full of food and drink choices densely packed with sugar, fuelling our appetites for more and more of the sweet stuff. Gadgets, gaming, internet shopping and on demand TV has replaced getting out and about, moving and being active.

If you’re thinking of becoming a personal trainer now’s a great time to join an industry that’s expected to grow more and more as people wise up to the health risks their poor diet and lifestyle has left them with.

In a nut shell here’s how in your role as a Personal Trainer you can help clients change for the better:-

1 – Dedicated time with a specialist spent up off the sofa, active and moving about each week – no excuses!

2 – Short doses of prescribed HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training elevate the metabolic rate for roughly 8-10 hours post workout. Great for weight loss!

3 – Healthy habits are in, unhealthy habits are out! After years of takeaways and ready meals you’ll be educating your clients to eat the right sort of foods, the right way at the right time.

4 – Fitness assessments will pinpoint specific issues like postural deviations, to correct over time. The classic hunchback and forward head positions are 21st century technology classics!

Before you start personal training you’ll need a level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 personal trainer qualification. Our blended learning courses provide certificate and diploma qualifications equipping you with all the skills and know how you’ll need to kick-start your exciting new career.


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