A very common concern that our students raise is how to start their very own PT business.

Where on earth do I find my clients? How did our tutors do it? What marketing works and what strategies should I avoid?

In this blog we examine 3 highly effective means to help you build your personal training business.

1 – Learn How to Sell

The business side of personal training is not rocket science. Identify what solutions and benefits you will be able to offer to prospective clients. For example, what solutions will you present to a client wanting to lose 4 stone in weight?   Great sellers not only know how to effectively communicate solutions and benefits of the service but they are also great listeners. They are able to carefully listen to their prospective client’s exact needs and offer personal training solutions that neatly fill their requirements. Invest in a few useful texts to educate yourself on proven strategies. Our favourites include ‘When Buyers Say No’ by Tom Hopkins and Ben Katt, ‘To Sell is Human’ by Daniel Pink and ‘Get Clients Now’ by C.J Haydn.

2 – Get Marketing

Learn effective ways to promote yourself and your service. Remember clients buy personal trainers in the same way people buy people! A definite marketing tool is to set up your own website and identify the best service provider to design, implement and manage your virtual estate!

3 – Show Tenacity

Develop skills that will build your levels of persistence, doggedness, self-determination and a ‘Yes I can’ mentality. Roll with the punches and be accepting that you’ll take some hits and some days will certainly be better than others! Learn from your mistakes you are bound to make a few. But above all be tenacious. Our most successful personal trainers sure have this quality in abundance oozing from their pores!


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