Train to be a Personal Trainer

Train to be a Personal Trainer - Get Motivated

Train to be a Personal Trainer and you’ll be joining an exciting, financially lucrative industry which offers you the potential to shape your own future by running your own successful personal training business.

Personal Trainers are highly sought after fitness industry experts who have the technical knowledge, practical exercise skills and motivational personality to help their clients accomplish their fitness goals.

Once you’ve completed your Personal Trainer training and gained your level 3 certification you will be ready to practice as a Personal Trainer helping your clients improve the way they look and function. Typically this is focused on improving fitness levels, weight loss, gaining muscle definition and tone, improving energy levels and reducing stress.

Our advanced Personal Trainers qualify with a diploma in personal training and work with specialist client groups whose needs are more varied and complex. At this level you can expect to command a higher hourly rate from your clients reflective of your in-depth fitness training, qualifications and skills.

Whether you’re just starting to train be a Personal Trainer or are already a qualified Fitness Professional we provide a range of course options to suit your individual needs. These include level 2 and level 3 combined packages, certificate and diploma options and fast-track choices.

Courses are taught by blended learning which combined home based study with face to face practicals. This gives you the flexibility to study full-time, part-time or during the daytime, evening or at weekends so that you can complete your learning around work, family, sport and social commitments.

Train to be a Personal Trainer - Qualification Pathways

Personal Trainer Courses

Personal Trainer Certificate

Our level 3 Personal Trainer Course Certificate is the ideal start point for your Personal Trainer career ensuring you’re ready for the workplace.

Personal Training Diploma

Personal Training Diploma

Take the advanced route with our level 3 Personal Training Diploma and develop specialist Personal Training skills from the outset.

Personal Trainer Certificate Package

Personal Trainer Certificate Package

Our combined package leads to your level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and level 3 Certificate in Personal Training at a great price.

Personal Training Courses

Personal Training Advanced Package

Our combined diploma package leads to your level 2 Diploma in Instructing Exercise and level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

Key Skills to Become a Personal Trainer

Our Personal Trainer graduates work with clients of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness backgrounds. Naturally it helps if you’re into fitness yourself and enjoy following a healthy lifestyle but rest assured clients are not seeking someone who is super fit. Instead they are looking to invest in qualified Personal Trainer expertise to help them accomplish their health and fitness goals in a safe way that delivers gradual results.

To train to be a personal trainer you will need some key skills;

  • A friendly people person
  • Enjoys fitness and working out
  • A role model for your clients
  • Well organised
  • Punctual with great time keeping skills
  • Keen to run own PT client base
  • Enthusiastic and motivating
Train to be a Personal Trainer

Train to be a Personal Trainer – What’s Involved?

When you train to be a Personal Trainer you will learn both the theory and practical aspects of the role. This combination of knowledge and hands on skills will ensure that by the end of your course you are ready to start working with your own clients, gradually establishing your own Personal Trainer business.

This is the ideal way to study key aspects of the role including:

  • How to motivate clients and set and review short, medium and long-term goals.
  • How to assess and test fitness levels.
  • Advanced communication skills that maximise client rapport and commitment.
  • Record keeping, exercise prescription and programme design skills.
  • How to run, review and adapt personal training sessions.
  • How to advise on nutrition and health related matters and when to refer out.

To become a Personal Trainer and work in the industry you will need the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

Our qualifications are REPs and CIMSPA endorsed giving you the peace of mind that your nationally recognised course is fully approved by the fitness industry and will enable you to start your exciting new career.

If you are just starting out then choose between the Certificate or Diploma course package which contains all the qualifications you need at both Level 2 and Level 3.

If you already have your Level 2 choose either the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training or the Personal Training Diploma.

Train to be a Personal Trainer – Salary Expectations

Once you train to be a personal trainer and become fully qualified you will generally work one to one with clients and be paid by the individual per hour. If you plan to work for yourself on a freelance basis you will be able to maximise your income and set your own prices. A popular alternative for those starting out is to work for a gym. This may involve paying a gym rental, working a pre agreed number of hours as a Fitness Instructor or paying a level of commission in return for access to the gyms facilities and access to their clientele.

Hourly rates will vary according to your location, the extent of your personal trainer qualifications, your experience to date in the fitness sector and the exclusivity and clientele of the gym itself.

Click here for details on the sort of personal trainer salary you can expect and factors that can affect your salary level.

Download our fitness course guide to learn more about the course and how choosing the specialist Diploma route can fast-track your Personal Trainer career.

Train to be a personal trainer.

Train to be a Personal Trainer – Fitness Career Success