Turning Personal Trainer Courses into Careers

Turning Personal Trainer Courses into Careers

The right Personal Trainer Course is a pivotal stepping stone in your life that should shape your future fitness career. Here we explore the key career steps that turn your fitness career ambitions into reality together with some nifty ways to boost your career even further.

The Personal Trainer Role

Personal Trainers generally work with clients on a one to one or small group basis to help them achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. They will create bespoke training programmes, demonstrate exercise technique and act as coach and motivator encouraging their client to work towards their fitness goals. They will also offer general nutritional advice and lifestyle support.

Many clients will be seeking expert help, encouragement and advice to make exercise a regular part of their lifestyle whereas others will be after specialist support that helps them take their fitness to a whole new level of attainment.

Each and every client is different and it’s no surprise that for most wannabe Personal Trainers the scope to turn their own passion for fitness into a lifestyle based career that delivers results whilst growing their Personal Trainer salary is highly attractive.

Personal Trainer Courses Explained

The important thing to know when choosing from our Personal Trainer Courses is that at the point of graduation you will be fully certified and ready to practice in the industry.

Our courses offer different levels of qualification, timescales and study options to give the utmost in flexibility to match different needs.

It may help to think about how you’d answer the three key questions below as this will help identify the best Personal Trainer course option for you.

  • Do you prefer home or work based learning?
    If you have access to a gym workplace setting it is worth considering the Personal Training Diploma. This is a more in-depth course where you gather evidence from the workplace and leads to a national vocational qualification (NVQ).
  • What timescales are you working towards?
    If time is of the essence choose the Certificate in Personal Training which is the fastest route to becoming qualified.
  • Are you seeking the most cost effective route?
    The Certificate in Personal Training gives you everything you need to start your new career for the most cost effective price. If you have a little more budget to spend the Level 3 Diploma offers an advanced route to achieving your qualification.

With your course chosen it’s time to enrol, book your induction and start to think about how you’ll put your newly acquired skills and knowledge to good use in the workplace.

Nifty Ways to Boost your Personal Trainer Career

  • Find an experienced Personal Trainer you can shadow. If someone doesn’t spring to mind ask your tutor who will have loads of contacts and ideas to help.
  • Get to know the team in your gym who will be full of handy tips to help you carve out a successful fitness career in your local area.
  • Build a network of local Personal Trainers in your area and find out if they’re looking to expand their services into new areas such as outdoor boot camps and how you could work together.
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