Is a Waist Trainer is a Wasted Investment?

Fitness Trainer Peter Lemon BBC


If you get the chance check out our London Personal Trainer, and Chief Tutor Peter Lemon appearing on Victoria Derbyshire’s programme today debating the merits of the Waist Trainer.

Click the following link and zip through to 1hr 29mins of the show.


Peters comments:-

It was great appearing on the Beeb this morning – an almost surreal experience. When I first heard of the term Waist Trainer I genuinely thought that it was a new product that helped people with constipation! A Waste Trainer! The waist trainer is just a 21st century corset and does little to improve the long term look of the abdominal wall and waist.

Today gave me a fantastic opportunity to have a piece of air time to talk albeit very briefly on the importance of conditioning the deep abdominal wall using my own training tool that is a boot lace!  By drawing in the umbilicus (belly button) us humans get to activate our own internal corset.

Our internal corset which is made up of key muscles like the transversus abdominis, multifidus and internal oblique assist massively in improving the look of the abdominal wall and waist!  The dreaded pot belly is a sure sign that the workings of the internal corset are not functioning well! As we say to our students tell your clients, “don’t buy a corset – lets learn to build one!”  By conditioning these muscles our students learn why they are important to all and sundry and the role they have in improving the health and function of the lower back and therefore reducing the risk of sustaining a low back injury!